10th CBSE Zen Social Science Exam Reckoner 2020

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Prepared By: Who’s Who in the Field Of CBSE, Expert Exam Paper Setters, Blueprint Team Members, Subject Super Specialists, Eminent Resource Persons & Best Teacher Awardees with decades of  Academic and Examination Preparation Experience

Strategic Designing of Smart Papers: 10 different Blueprints & thus 10 Smart Papers are prepared working out all permutation combinations of the New Question Paper Design 2020.

Mock Examination: The 10 Question Papers & Answering Booklets are prepared exactly mimicking the Board Examination papers. Students can setup a simulating examination environment and work out these papers exactly as in real examination.

Follows the Scientific Pareto’s principle: Score 80% marks with just 20% effort – Work smart not just hard.

80% Hot Most Expected Questions: Covers the concentrated & distilled most important Examination stuff. Explores every aspect of concepts and knowledge on which an examination question could be framed.

Goodbye to Rote Learning: No longer the need to work out 100s of junk model papers; solve 10s of years of Board Papers and put insane amount of time & hard work mugging up.

Smart Learning: Exposes the student to every concept, knowledge, understanding, application & skill questions. Presents plethora of challenging questions to prepare the student for every type of reasoning & critical thinking questions.

Examination Framework: Question Paper Design, Weightage, Pattern & Board Model paper provided.

Board Papers: Previous Board Exam papers with Answers given for reference.

Toppers Interview: 2019 Exam Toppers interviews presented in the book gives insight into their learning curve & best methodologies to attain optimum scores.