Zen 10th SSLC Samaja Exam Reckoner 2021- Upgraded 40 MCQ's Pattern
Zen 10th SSLC Samaja Exam Reckoner 2021- Upgraded 40 MCQ's Pattern
Zen 10th SSLC Samaja Exam Reckoner 2021- Upgraded 40 MCQ's Pattern
Zen 10th SSLC Samaja Exam Reckoner 2021- Upgraded 40 MCQ's Pattern

Zen 10th SSLC Samaja Exam Reckoner 2021- Upgraded 40 MCQ's Pattern

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Special Features


ZEN EXAM RECKONER Perfect Study Material for the Revised SSLC MCQs pattern + Free Model Papers (revised MCQ's pattern) with Zen Exam Reckoner Book  + Hot Most Expected Questions/Question Papers communicated 15 days prior to Exams

Dear Students,

Zen Exam Reckoner - Hot Model Papers are perfectly suited to prepare for 2021 SSLC Exams as per the Newly introduced MCQs pattern.

Zen Exam Reckoner’s each Hot Model Paper consists of 8 MCQs and 8 One Mark Questions. Totally 16 One Mark Question in each Hot Model Paper. Add to it there are 8 Two Mark Questions too. Totally 24 Questions in each paper and 336 Questions in the entire book (Totally 14 papers: 10 Hot Model Papers + 2 Board Model Papers + 2 Previous Exam Papers). These 336 Questions in book cover the entire gamut of Questions important from the Examination point of view. Except the Long Answer Questions rest all Questions in the Exam Reckoner serve as very important study material. We highly recommend every student preparing for SSLC to go through our Hot Model Papers.

Additionally we are providing 5 Model Papers as per New MCQs pattern for free with our Exam Reckoner Book. Apart from this Hot Most Expected Examination MCQs / Model Question Papers will be also be shared 15 days prior to the Examination to all the students who have purchased the Zen Exam Reckoner book.

The 5 Model Papers & Hot expected MCQs Questions along with the 10 Hot Model Papers in our Exam Reckoner serve as complete study material to the student  to face the 2021 SSLC Examination with roaring confidence.

Note that we will be providing a QR Code with each Exam Reckoner Book. This QR Code when scanned will direct the students to our online repository where we will be providing the 5 Model paper on that subjects. We will also be including Hot Most Expected Questions in this repository 15 days prior to the Board Examination. Any subsequent changes in exam pattern will also be communicated online to keep students upto date instantly.

Students can also access this content on a computer through the provided password & link.

We Highly recommend every SSLC student preparing
seriously for the Exams to Study Zen Exam Reckoner Books. 

From Zen Content Development Team Who's Who of SSLC Expert Exam Paper Setter & State Resource Persons & Subject Super Specialist.


Product Description

  • Upgraded with 5 Model Papers as per the latest 40 MCQs Pattern. Hot Expected Exam Questions/ Question Papers will be shared 15 days prior to Exams
  • 10 Hot Model Papers For 2021 Board Examination
  • 80% Hot Most Expected Examination Questions
  • Prepared by Who’s Who In The Field Of SSLC: Expert Exam Paper Setters & Blueprint Team Members
  • Score 80% Marks With Just 20% Effort: Work Smart, Not Just Hard
  • Plethora of Challenging Questions
  • Smart Learning: Induces Reasoning & Critical Thinking
  • Previous Board Examination Question Papers – Solved
  • Blueprint And Question Paper Design 2021
  • State Board Toppers Interview
  • Free Augmented Reality Topics [App & Card] inside


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