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                             Click Here: Zen - Science - HOT MODEL PAPERS 6-10



Dear Students
We have uploaded the SSLC Board Model Paper.
The 5 Hot Model Papers as per this New MCQs pattern is being prepared by Whos Who of SSLC: Expert Exam Papers Setters & Blueprint Team Members.
These 5 Hot Model papers will be uploaded as and when they get ready. Keep checking this page regularly as they will be uploaded here very shortly. All 5 Hot Papers will be uploaded maximum in a week/10 days.
Remaining 5 Hot Model Papers /Hot Questions will be released 15 days prior to the examination.
Instructions to study as per New MCQs Pattern:
1) Study the chapters in the textbook thoroughly since any point can be asked for the MCQs. MCQs that could be framed is oceanic. But the points on which MCQs could be framed is limited. Hence perfect all the important points in the chapter.
Please note that 70% Questions in the MCQs Exam Pattern will be knowledge based. 25% Questions will be understanding based. And 5% Questions will be Application/Skill based. 
And 95% questions will be easy. And only 5% questions will be a bit challenging.
Hence we recommend to go through the textbook thoroughly and ingest every point.
2) Zen Explorer book is a detailed & exhaustive compilation of all the type of questions including MCQs, One Mark and Two Mark Questions. We highly recommend you to study our Explorer Book since it has a 360 degree coverage on every chapter.
3) Once you have studied the Text Book and Explorer solve the MCQs, One Mark & Two Mark Section of our 10 Hot Model Papers printed in the Exam Reckoner Book. If you solve all these questions suggested; they cover 80% most expected and important examination questions irrespective of whatever the exam pattern may be.
4) Solve the 5 Hot Model Papers (New MCQs Pattern) as we release them.
Solve the remaining 5 Hot Model Papers (New MCQs Pattern) too which we will release 15 days prior to exams.
These 10 Hot Model Papers (New MCQs Pattern) will cover 80% most expected Exam Questions. The Board Exam Questions will be either same or similar to these questions testing the same knowledge/understanding aspects which we will be testing in these 10 Hot Model Papers. These 10 papers must get you ready for the exams with roaring confidence.
Best Wishes
Zen Content Development Team
Who's Who of SSLC
Expert Exam Paper Setters, Blueprint Team Members, State Resource People & Subject Super Specialists.