Mathematics PUC 2 Exam Reckoner

Mathematics PUC 2 Exam Reckoner

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Due to uncertainty prevailing Covid situation we are not in a position to release the New Exam Reckoner as per the latest Exam Pattern. But we are releasing the 2020 PU Exam pattern book which covers 80% to 90% Most Expected Questions for 2022 PU Examination.

The only difference in 2022 Exam pattern compared to the 2020 exam pattern is the additional choice questions. Rest all remains. Hence this book is 100% relevant for the upcoming 2022 PUC II Examination.

2022 Board Model paper is inserted in the book for reference. The number of choice questions have been increased in each section. But the type of questions remain the same as in the 2020 Examination

Follows the 2020 Exam Pattern but coverage-wise 100% relevant for 2022 PUC II Examination

2022 PUC II Board Model Paper inserted in the book